Ornithological Photographs

Birds that have been temporarily caught in mist nets during ornithological research. It is an odd moment, just before a researcher removes the bird from the net to be measured and weighed...  Click here

The World is Round

My playful attempts to integrate nature and nurture as I experiment with the medium. I hope that they act as riddles to reconsider perceptions and preconceptions about the global landscape...  Click here.

Post-industrial Edens

I have traveled widely to photograph urban and community gardens. This project has taken me across the United States and Europe as well as to Cuba, Mongolia, Japan and more... Click here.

Full Fathom Five

An examination of the objects scientists use to study coral reefs; one of the most biodiverse ecosystems, and one of the most susceptible to climate change... Click here

The Jungle

A consideration of food cultures and the abstraction (or lack thereof) of animals as they're prepared, packaged, cooked, and cut for human consumption... Click here.

Ongoing Observations

I'm a photography addict.  These are poetic, narrative, and idiosyncratic arrangements of what I like to look at and feel compelled to photograph....  Click here.

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