Ornithological Photographs

Fifty-seven color photographs and 146 pages with texts by Brian W. Forsgren, James Lowen, John A. Tyson, and Susan Wegner.  6"x8.5", hardcover.  $50

Untitled Re:Iterations

Featuring over 600 photographs taken over 15 years and spread over 200 pages.  I printed 100 copies of this 6.5"x8" softcover book.  $50

8x10 Puerto Rican Tody

An 8"x10" print of my Puerto Rican Tody (Todus mexicanus) that was produced as a fundraiser for the book.  Limited edition of 50 (only 16 are left). $50

Old Pictures from Paradise

Coming Soon.  36 pictures, all pinhole versions of Thomas Struth's New Pictures from Paradise featuring jungles from around the world.  50 copies printed; 7.5"x9.75" hardcover.  $50

Nasty Women & More

Coming Soon.  A mix of scanograms of appropriated images, found objects, and objects from childhood collections all on a background of rotting paper.  50 copies printed 7.25"x10.25" softcover.  $40

Discovering Peary Land

Coming Soon.  A photographic survey of one of the worlds most remote regions: northern Greenland. Using Google Earth, Flickr and historic archives.  50 copies printed; 7"x10.5" spiral bound.  $50

Prints and Other Inquiries

All of my photographs are available for purchase as prints.  For edition information and pricing, or any other question you might have, please contact me at [email protected].  I'll be happy to help.

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